7 Steps to Treating your Hands with Paraffin Wax

7 Steps to Treating your Hands with Paraffin Wax

Whether you like paraffin wax due to its therapeutic benefits or its skin rejuvenating effects, using it can be a fun and relaxing way to obtaining your skin and health goals! Here are 7 easy steps to ensure you have a relaxing experience with this gooey goodness.

1.Heat wax in paraffin wax heater to preferred temperature

The first step in ensuring you have a safe and relaxing experience to make sure that the wax is properly heated using the right equipment. Paraffin wax is flammable, so it must not be heated in the microwave or stove top. There is a special paraffin wax heater that can be used to heat and melt the wax. Turn this heater on and aim to heat the wax to a temperature of 51 degrees Celsius which is ideal for treating hands and feet. When you are ready to begin, test the temperature first with a thermometer and then the tip of your finger before submerging your entire hand or feet.

2.Remove accessories or jewelry on  your hands or feet

For an optimal experience, you want to remove any jewelry you may have on your hands/feet such as rings, bracelets, watches, etc.

3.Wear comfortable clothing with short sleeves and short pant length

Excessively baggy or long sleeves/pant legs can get in the way of your treatment and make it difficult to relax without worrying about getting your clothes caught in the wax. Hence, the best attires are those with short sleeves/pant legs reaching no longer than your elbows or knees. Remember, you won’t be able to pull up your sleeves or adjust your clothing once the wax is on, so dressing comfortably and appropriately is key to having the best possible experience. 

4.Wash and towel-dry hands or feet and lightly moisturize

Wash the treatment area (hands and/or feet) with a mild soap, towel dry, and lightly moisturize. This will help your hands be clean so that the wax is able to absorb better and remove impurities deeper in your pores. The process of washing and moisturizing will also soften your skin so that the wax is able to effectively remove a layer of dead skin cells.

5.Dip hands in wax several times

When you are ready, dip your hands/feet in one at a time with your fingers spread apart. Be careful not to touch the sides of the container as it may be too hot and result in a burn. If you need help stabilizing your hand/feet so that they go in and come out straight, ask someone to hold your hand/feet and guide them into and out of the container. Dip your hand/feet up to your wrist/ankle 5 to 7 times to obtain the right thickness.

6.Cover with a plastic bag and wait 10 to 12 minutes

With a clear plastic bag or fingerless gloves, cover your hands/feet and tie above the bag/glove just above your wrist/ankle where the wax coating ends. This process will help to lock in moisture from the heat which will enhance your treatment results. Wait 10 to 12 minutes with your hands/feet covered allowing the wax to harden and the treatment to take effect.

7.Peel off wax and enjoy!

After a period of 10 to 12 minutes, remove the plastic bag/gloves and peel off your wax. You may continue with the rest of your manicure or pedicure as planned!


At this point your treatment is complete, but the beneficial effects that the wax starts on your skin, muscles, and blood circulation continue for hours on after. You should notice an immediate difference in the softness of the treated area, and your muscles should also feel relaxed.


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